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Legatum Collection
by ExOrbita

Revisiting the iconic still-life genre at the dawn of the almighty AI.

Virtual exhibition and sales open March 11, 2023 6PM CET

About the drop​

ExOrbita presents collection of 100 pictures made by Catarina Lente and Nicolas Joos in collaboration with AI’s.

Divided into five parts (TERRA, SUBLIMA, SOLARIS, ELECTRA and NEBULA), the "Legatum Collection" revisits the still-life genre at the dawn of the almighty AI. From the cold-sleepy landscapes of TERRA to the microscopic and hallucinated views of NEBULA, the collection invites us to remember the origin of all things through a universal, almost symbolic dimension.

One hundred pieces, twenty in each series (6000x4000px except Terra series: 6000x6000px) are authenticated as NFTs in the Ethereum blockchain.

How to acquire​

On March 11, 2023 the collection of 100 1/1 pieces will be listed for public sale on the Ethereum blockchain and can be bought with the Ether (ETH) cryptocurrency. You can access the collection at Foundation marketplace website.

10% of proceeds will be donated to a non-profit organization chosen by the artists. Two pieces will be donated to the Labirinto Collection.

Selling price: 0.25 ETH

if you need assistance in purchasing NFTs, please contact us.


The notion that artificial intelligence (AI) could turn evil has been discussed for decades. Movies and literature have explored this concept, and it has become a common trope in popular culture. But now, the idea that AI has become creative has sparked a new wave of anxiety. The fear of AI becoming creative is not about the machines themselves but rather the possibility of losing control over what they create.

Artists have long been revered for creating things from nothing and transforming ideas into beautiful or thought-provoking concepts. However, the notion that machines could possess these abilities raises some questions. For example, can a device ever indeed be creative? And, most importantly, should we be afraid of “massive, automated creativity on the loose”?

Catarina Lente and Nicolas Joos, with their Legatum Collection, invite us to re-examine our conceptions of authorship and aesthetics. The possibility of redefining the idea of authorship for synthetic art and acknowledging the creativity of machines remains a debatable issue. It is also true that human artists are involved in the creation of the algorithms themselves and in the selection and curation of the final images. However, this does not eliminate the uncanny feeling that this type of art produces.

The aesthetics of synthetic art are sometimes disturbing. These still-life images created by artificial intelligence make us wonder about the essence of beauty itself. If a machine can create indistinguishable pictures from photographs, what does that say about the nature of beauty and the human perception of it? Are our standards for aesthetic value changing in response to the rise of synthetic art?

Legatum Collection is the work of two human beings collaborating with a soulless algorithm fed on a vast database of real-life objects and environments to create hauntingly realistic compositions that mimic the look and feel of actual photographs or paintings. These images are so eerily lifelike that it is difficult to distinguish them from reality. Are some of them real? Are some of them purely artificial?

Another question that immediately arises is one of authorship. The algorithm may be doing something creative, but it’s simply following pre-programmed rules and parameters. The algorithm does not consciously choose which objects to include in its compositions or decide how to arrange them in the frame. So who (or what) is the artist?

As we continue to grapple with these questions, one thing is sure: the future of art is being transformed by the interaction between humans and machines, and we must remain open-eyed about the wonders and unexpected consequences that this will bring.

Text by Tales Tommasini and AI
March 2023

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