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I labyrinth,
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we labyrinth

Labirinto is an innovative art foundation and global community that fosters emergent art practices and fresh thinking at the intersection of material and digital art.

Fondazione Labirinto is born inspired by the inescapable impact of AI, decentralized economies, social media, synthetic realities and blockchain technology in the production and experience of art today.

Colorful Lockers


The members of Fondazione Labirinto are called Founders.  


The Founders are enabled by their unique ArtKey token and granted priority access to drops, private sales and access to Labirinto events around the world.


Founders (ArtKey holders) can also count on art consultancy and curatorship services for private collections with an interest in delving into material and digital contemporary art.


Interested in pushing forward contemporary art?

All Labirinto commissioned artworks are previewed in exclusive IRL events around the globe with artists, collectors, researchers, curators, institutions and other cultural agents. Promoted through an authentic experience gathering, Labirinto global members to empower decentralized productions and local Art communities.




Bringing NFT drops by master and rising contemporary artists within our ecosystem and   under our digital residency program. Artists in partnership with the Labirinto team explore the possibilities of intersections in material and digital art, generating unique collections that  move forward their legacy. Available beforehand to our patrons and supporters and open later to the general public.

Atlas is a qualified online research platform for Art professionals and enthusiasts developed by Labirinto for learning legacy supported by patron members. Atlas is the reference source based on some of the world's leading Biennials’ archives as an education program tool for schools and universities around the world.

 Coming 2024 


The  Atlas 


The think tank behind Labirinto is built by recognized talents in the art, crypto, financial, technology and communication industries. Labirinto members are connected across 4 continents and drive a dynamic flux of works and projects in 8 global locations.


  Mario Vitor 


  Tales Tommasini 

Bio Camilla R Campos.jpg

 Camilla Rocha Campos 


  João Paulo Cavalcanti 


 Alexandre Formozinho 


  Fabiana Michaelsen 


  Deborah Moreira 

Plus a ever growing community of artists, researchers, curators, agents, institutions and galleries networked around the world.

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